Wickr - Secure Chat App

Wickr App is ranked on top of many secure chat apps and uses military-grade encryption technology to make the app more secure and on top of the line. Just like secure chat apps like Telegram, Wickr also let you send self destructing messages by selecting a time or a date, in which you would like to show your messages to friends. And you can send texts, pictures, videos, audio files and other formats too.
Wickr also allows group chat with any 10 friends on it. Wickr has got few more features that makes chatting more fun. Likewise in apps such as Slingshot, you can draw doodles and make many fun effects on pictures you send, and lets you to use stickers on them.
Wickr does not use your phonebook details, and lets you find Wickr friends by user names and also notifies you when a friend of yours join Wickr. The company says that it is also a security feature that shows that Wickr does not use any of your data. And Wickr also has got a secure shredder to shred any messages or data in your app securely, making sure that it will never been found anywhere else. Wickr provides you 100% anonimity in every aspect. You can even remove geo-location or meta-data of pictures you send to others, so that your friends will not be able to track you by the pictures you are sending to them.
Wickr describes the app as Top-Secret Messenger, and promises that they will not store even a bit of your data and will not provide user information or anything to Governments and any other authorities. Wickr has won Best Overall Messaging App by PC Magazine Editor’s Choice.

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