Telegram - Secure Chat App

Telegram App was created by the founders of Russia's largest Social Network VK, to introduce one of the most secured chat applications and challenging some of the top chat apps such as WhatsApp and LINE Messenger.
Telegram is a simple and light weight chat app, that needs to be registered using your phone number. Similar to some of the other top chat apps,Telegram tells you when a message is being delivered or read (opened), when your friends are typing a message and last seen time of your friends. Telegram has got a simple and easy to use user-interface, and you can send multimedia messages including pictures, videos and your location. You can also create group chats and add up to 200 friends into group conversations.
The most special and the most secure feature in Telegram is the 'Self Destruct Timer' where you can start a 'Secret Chat' with your friends by choosing for how many seconds or minutes you'd like to show your messages to any selected friend. Afterwards, the messages get vanished. Though apps like Snapchat are specialized for this feature, Telegram promises it's users that Telegram is the safest chat application that you could find out there because it's Secret Chat feature or the self destructing messages usees end-to-end encryption and can only be accessed from the two communicating parties. It is said that even the administrators of Telegram will not be able to access these messages. All other normal chat conversations are saved on secured Cloud servers of Telegram.
Telegram is a 100% free chat app with over 35 million users, and you can download Telegram app to various platforms including iPhoneAndroid and Windows Phone. It has also got the Web Version of Telegram, Telegram for Mac OS X and the Desktop Version of Telegram for Windows/Mac/Linux.
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