Skype - Free VOIP Calling and Chat App

Skype, with over 660 million registered users, is one of the best and the most popular instant messaging and VoIP service out there. With Skype, you can make free audio calls, video calls and share documents and pictures. It has also got the VoIP service packages on it, where you can call landlines, mobile phones, send sms on low rates or freely, depending on your subscription.
Skype Mobile versions are available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and on Windows Phone.
Skype has got it's desktop versions available on your Windows OS, Mac OS and on Linux OS.
And looking through tablets, Skype is available on iPads, Android Tablets, and Kindle Fire HD. Amazingly Skype can be installed into PlayStation Vita aswell! Additionally, Skype has also got it's own phone known as Skype-ready phone, where you can keep in touch without having to turn on a computer.
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