Slingshot - A Free Chat App by Facebook

Facebook Slingshot is a free instant messaging app introduced by Facebook as a competitor of chat applications such as Snapchat. Just like another chat application, Slingshot allows you to send pictures and videos to your friends, but of cause in a different way. You will first have to take a picture or a video, and Slingshot allows you to customize it with your own texts, doodles and variety of interesting stickers on it before you send the image or video to your friends. And different from any other chat app, if your friend who is receiving your sling wants to view it, he/she will have to reciprocate you with an image or a video to unlock and view what you have sent. And once you swipe away an image or a video, it would no longer be visible. Slingshot app is available on both Apple AppStore and GooglePlay Store. To learn furthermore on how Slingshot works, you may visit their official website
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