WhatsApp - Most Lightweight and the Most Popular Instant Messaging App by Facebook

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most used free chat apps where you can chat, send video messages and audio messages to your friends and your loved ones instantly. You can create groups and chat with your friends infinitely. And similar to MSN messenger, you can add your own personal message so that other friends of yours will be seeing your status. WhatsApp is basically popular as an app providing application for most of the mobile platforms and PCs. And WhatsApp operates quite smoothly in poor networks and internet connection. And it's very lightweight, indicates when a message is sent or delivered. And additionally from iPhones, you have to buy the app for just $0.99, where you can use WhatsApp on BlackBerry phones, Nokia phones and your Android  phones for free. In February 2014, Facebook Inc. bought WhatsApp for $16 Billion Dollars along with its over 500 million users.

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