SayHi App

SayHi Chat and Dating App is one of the top rated messaging apps, which offers numerous free dating and fun features for those who are seeking the most lively and popular dating apps and strangers chat apps. Just like in other popular dating apps, with SayHi chat you can find people near-by to you and also track new friends right on the map! You can send free messages with your SayHi points, make video calls, send audio messages, send video messages, send emojis and animations and send exquisite gifts. You can also check the status of your sent messages if it was successfully sent or weather your message has been read by your friends. And with In-App purchases, you can increase SayHi points and install cool plugins to enrich your superstar leverage and to boost your exposure in the network. You can also change the skin of SayHi App according to your preference. SayHi App has got plenty of positive and negative impacts due to it's popularity and due to frustrations of some of the users to buy more points. And many videos and forums has been published about 'SayHi Hack' explaining how to increase SayHi Points and how to get unlimited points on SayHi.
SayHi app operate in both iPhone and Android. You can directly download SayHi for iPhone on AppStore and download SayHi for Android from Google Play, if you're an Android user.


Chatroulette can be said as the king of random chat or one of the most popular and chat with stranger websites. Unlike Omegle Chat and other similar chat with stranger websites, Chatroulette has been a free random chat service that pairs you with another random user via webcam. Chatroulette initially got it's popularity in Russia, but later became popular globally, getting ranked on top of the famous chat websites. To protect and to make Chatroulette a more secure place, Chatroulette ask you for a SMS verification before you may start random chat with strangers.
Chatroulette is a free chat website, but it also provides you few top-up options to get some premium features such as filtering random chat by gender. Chatroulette is being famous as one of the most addictive chat websites out there.


Mxit is a mobile social network and a free chat application, and is ranked as number one chat application is South Africa. Mxit can be used in more than 8000 devices and is considered as the best social network for feature phones. Similar to other free messaging apps such as Viber and WhatsApp, Mxit also require mobile verification by sending a verification code to your mobile. Mxit does not ask you for many mandatory fields while you sign-up for the first time. You can enter your own Mxit user name, and search other Mxit users by entering user names. And just like a social network, you can add friends, change your profile picture and set your custom backdrops. You will be able to see which of your friends are online right now with Mxit app on their mobile devices. And you can set your own personal message or short bio likewise in Skype. You can enjoy free chat, doodle chat, group chat and share pictures with your friends and family. Mxit is a great way to send free messages and socialize with your loved ones. You can download Mxit App literally for most of the mobile devices including iPhone and iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, WindowsPhone and Feature Phone too.


OkCupid describes them selves as 'the best dating site on Earth'. OkCupid is the highest rated dating app available in the market, and was listed on Time magazine's Top 10 dating sites in 2007. Similar to other top dating sites, with OkCupid you can simply sign-in with Facebook Connect or register by entering your email address and your basic interest on OKCupid. You can then simply start finding your matches by simply clicking the 'quick match' button, rate pictures of your matches and get rated by other OkCupid users for your profile too. And if you start getting plenty of ratings, you will be chosen as a "top half of OkCupid's most attractive users" and you will also be lucky enough to see more attractive users matching to your search results. You are eligible to use all it's free functions and keep dating with a large network of romantic users seeking a romantic date. And by joining the OkCupid A-List, you will be granted with plenty of more options which you may not be granted on the free version of it, including browsing profiles invisibly, special match search options such as attractiveness, body type, personality etc.., see the full list of people who like you and finally experiencing a fully ad-free dating experience. If you're finding the best dating websites, OkCupid is one of the best recommendation for you to date online. You can use the desktop version of OkCupid by visiting the official OkCupid website. And for those who seek mobile dating, you can download free OKCupid iPhone and iPad App, and for those who are using Android devices, you can download the free OkCupid App for Android from Google PlayStore. 

Are You Interested-AYI

AreYouInterested - AYI dating app is ranked on top of the most popular dating chat apps out there in the market. AYI is specifically designed to buzz, flirt, rank and chat with other AYI users, and is very simple to use. You can search friends with advanced filtrations including desired age category, region or distance. You also have the option to Log-in with Facebook, so that you'll be able to find which of your friends uses AYI and indicates friends of friends while finding a partner. Your interests and likes such as ethnicity, music tastes and other likes will be automatically synced to your AYI account when you connect to AYI via Facebook Connect. This will help matching your account with other AYI users of same preferences which you've got. Whenever you rate someone's picture, you can send Instant Messages to them, and ask a cool question by selecting from a list of questions listed on AYI. All functions of AYI app is free, while you also have an upgrade function for which you can promote your AYI profile further more, helping you to grab more attention and intersections with people of same tastes as yours. Along with the Web version of AYI, you can also use the AYI Facebook App if you're on Facebook. And you can download AYI app for iPhone or AYI app for Android, if you're on the go.

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